Kerry Wick

Age Group: 6 years to 18 years

"Coach Kerry" is a lifetime, career swimming coach who teaches swimmers aged 6 to 18 their strokes, starts, and turns, as well as other finer points of becoming a better swimmer.

Whether your child is just starting out learning strokes, wants to improve fitness and endurance levels, or is striving to shave a fraction of a second for a big race, Coach Kerry has a lifetime of swim knowledge and would love to help out. Dog paddlers are welcome and quickly become great swimmers.

Coach Kerry began her own swimming career on Good Shepherd Swim Team in the 1960s. She went on to swim competitively for twelve years, followed by a succesful coaching career. She has 30 years of coaching experience including USA swim teams, masters, high school, and summer league teams, as well as stroke technique school.

Swimmers who have started with Coach Kerry have later gone as far as competing in the Olympic Trials. Simpler goals, such as making your middle school team, or just making friends, getting exercise, and becoming a more confident swimmer are easy under Coach Kerry's guidance.

If you wish to contact one of our instructors, please call the pool office at (904) 387-4298, or email us at



American Swim Coach Association (ASCA) Level 2 Masters Coach

Coach Member of USA-A (USA Swimming)

Safety Training for Swim Coaches

Athlete Protection

First Aid and CPR

American Red Cross Lifeguard

United States Masters Swimmer

ASCA Foundations of Coaching and Stroke School

Continuing Education through the following:

USA Swimming

US Masters Swimming

American Swim Coaches Association

State of Florida Certified Teacher

Elementary Education

Middle and High School Math

English as a Second Language

Boy Scouts of America Youth Protection Training