Swim Lessons

Jennifer Walton
Age Group: 3 years to adults

Jennifer Walton has more than 25 years of competitive swimming and coaching experience. She has instructed swimmers with USA Swimming and Florida High School Swimming. Jennifer currently teaches lessons for ages three to seven at Good Shepherd Pool. Her age-group competitive swimming background includes Amberjax Swim Team, Randy Reese Swim Team and Navy Jax Swim Team in Jacksonville, Florida.

Kerry Wick
Age Group: 6 years to 18 years

"Coach Kerry" is a lifetime, career swimming coach who teaches swimmers aged 7 to 14 their strokes, starts, and turns, as well as other finer points of becoming a better swimmer.

Whether your child is just starting out learning strokes, wants to improve fitness and endurance levels, or is striving to shave a fraction of a second for a big race, Coach Kerry has a lifetime of swim knowledge and would love to help out.