Annie Hyde, We Folk Swim, LLC

Age Group: Infants, Toddlers Families, Adults and Special Needs

  • Babies & Toddlers, Family Groups, Adults
  • Certified Instructor for Special Needs (all ages)
  • Water Fitness Classes (including aerobics & water yoga)
  • Water Fitness Personal Trainer
  • Arthritis Foundation Aquatics Classes

My Swim Lesson company is named We Folk Swim, LLC, and when I'm teaching babies and toddlers in the water, it's called Wee Folk Lessons.  I prefer parents in the water with these little ones--as you child is introduced to the water, gets to explore and experience buouyancy, you'll learn how to best assist, and how to build excellent water safety skills into your family recreation.

My style is Red Cross, which means I introduce a challenge when the person seems ready for it.  Happy people learn skills easily, and so I keep things fun, all the while looking for each opportunity to grow skills.  Nevertheless, safety is my priority, and parents and older children will learn simple rescue techniques, as well.  

I have advanced certifications for special needs, and experience with a wide array of disabilities.  EVERYONE should find their way to happiness in the water, as well as safety.  I'm the proud lifeguard for the Barracuda Special Olympics Team, which practices at the Pool at Good Shepherd, and my grandson Isaac is an award-winning team member.  

Lessons are private, though if you'd like to share with a friend, I'm happy to do semi-private.  This way, you get ALL my attention!

If you wish to contact one of our instructors, please call the pool office at (904) 387-4298, or email us at



Red Cross Certified Water Safety Instructor

Red Cross Lifeguard

AEA Certified Water Fitness Professional
Special Needs Swim Instructor (all ages)
Adults & Family Groups Private Instruction
Certified Yoga Instructor (Yoga Alliance)
Good Shepherd Pool Senior Lifeguard
Good Shepherd Pool Assistant Director